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About Tagit:

Register for online auctions is an online auction platform and marketplace for buyers and sellers to connect. With a focus on restaurant equipment and supply, Tagit allows dealers and institutions to list their own auctions and gives bidders the opportunity to purchase items from all over the country at auction prices.

Tagit is a division of, a trusted name in the online auction industry since 2009. RCI has grown to over 20 warehouses across the country and launched Tagit in 2014. While RCI is more of an all inclusive service, Tagit is perfect for dealers who already have the infrastructure and capability to run an online auction, process payments, and ship out equipment. Both RCI and Tagit run in a parternship with each other with sales ending at different times.

Our goal is to find trust worthy sellers across the country who wish to keep their own brand yet not incur the expenses involved with hosting their own auctions or selling on costly websites such as Ebay.