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General Frequently Asked Questions:

frequently asked questions


Selling with is fast, safe, and easy. Take advantage of our online auction platform and our nationwide list of 1,000's of registered bidders who are ready to buy your equipment!

  • Registration & Signup

  • How do I register with Tagit?

    Tagit registration is fast, easy, and safe! 128bit SSL secure connection for the registration form!

    Step #1 - Please view our New Bidder Registration Page. Read through the terms and scroll to the bottom of that page to continue to the registration form. Once at the registration form, please fill in all required fields marked with a red asterisk *. Please make note of the password you create, and make sure your email address is correct. After you enter your billing and credit card details, hit the submit registration form button to process the registration. You will see a message if the registration was successful or if there was a problem. The most common issue is a required field was not filled out, or the credit card was invalid. After registering with Tagit, you will receive an email from us with your new bidder number! Use this new bidder # and the password you created during registration to log-in to an auction on the Tagit website and start bidding!

    One registration / bidder # is good for every auction Tagit conducts! If you're account is disabled for any reason, you will get a message to please contact an administrator. Please send us a message on our Contact Us page. If you are not comfortable inputting your information online, we can register you over the phone. Please email us at to setup a time to register over the phone. .

  • How to Bid

  • Basic Bidding

    After registration, check your email for your bidder number. Use your bidder # and the password your created upon registration to place bids. Enter an auction, place your bids, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your bidder # and password in the login box. Click submit. Verify your bids. Confirmation message will display letting you know the status of your bids and if they were accepted or if you were outbid.

  • Max Bids & Features

    Our system allows for "Max Bidding" which means the system will automatically bid for you, up to whatever amount you enter. This max bid amount is secret from the seller, and only you know what amount you enter. This is not a required field, but a convenience for bidders who wish to enter bids and cannot be in front of a computer when the auction is ending.

  • Can I remove a bid?

    No, you will need to contact Tagit support by emailing us at We cannot guarantee a bid removal for any reason, especially if a sale is about to end or is in the middle of closing. If you email us with more than 24hrs before close, we can normally remove the bid for you. Keep in mind that your bid is a contract - so please bid carefully or do not bid at all.

  • Payments

  • How do I pay for an invoice?

    Shortly after the last item in the auction is completed and sold, you will receive an automated emailed invoice with your purchases and total due. This emailed invoice will also contain information for the pickup/removal day and for submitting payment. Most sales offer a 3% cash discount, but please check the terms of each sale for specifics.

  • What is the authorization on my credit card for?

    To ensure the integrity of each auction, Tagit will automatically charge your credit card on file a small temporary $1.00 authorization charge when you register. This is to make sure the credit card is real. Upon entering an auction and placing a bid, another temporary authorization will be placed on your credit card on file. This amount depends on your bidding, but normally is for $100.00. All authorization charges are automatically refunded within 7 business days, unless you fail to pay for your invoice in which case the authorization charge will be captured and applied towards the balance of your invoice.

  • How do I update my credit card on file?

    Easy, please click HERE to update your credit card on file. If your account has been deactivated due to non payment from a previous sale, you will need to call or email us.

  • Pickup & Shipping

  • Local Pickup

    All of the sales conducted on this website will have local pickup options. Simply print off your emailed invoice and bring it with you to the scheduled pickup/removal location during the specified times. Please make sure to also bring your payment method with you. Checks are not accepted. Most sales offer a 3% buyers premium discount for an all cash payment. If the sale requires removal of equipment, please make sure to bring your own help and your own tools.

  • Shipping options?

    Almost all of the sales will have shipping options available for bidders purchases. To setup shipping, simply reply back to your emailed invoice and the seller will either call or email you for confirmation and for payment. There will be a minimum $40 pallet fee and/or $7/box fee for all shipments. Actual shipping charges are paid for by the bidder and we recommend to always purchase insurance. We recommend D&L transport for shipping but you are free to use any shipping company you wish, as long as they coordinate with the seller.

  • Seller charged incorrect amount?

    Email the seller ASAP with the details. We always recomment getting everything in writing, especially if there is a dispute. You can CC the email to: If you are not getting a response, please call the seller and leave a message. If you still don't get a response, please call Tagit at (800) 277-1879 and we will try to assist you with any issue you may have.

  • Account Issues

  • Update Bidder Profile

    Easy, please click HERE to update your email address, phone number, or billing and/or shipping address. If your account has been deactivated due to non payment from a previous sale, you will need to call or email us.

  • Update Credit Card on file

    Easy, please click HERE to update your credit card on file. If your account has been deactivated due to non payment from a previous sale, you will need to call or email us.

  • Delete Account?

    Please email for account deletion.